--The reflection of environment friendly Islamic architecture is presently absent in cities of Muslim countries according to an expert . The new developments in Islamic cities don't reflect the Islamic art of architecture as it was in the past," said renowned architect Ibrahim Mohammed Jaidah, addressing the second series of Doha Green Discussions (DGD) under the banner 'Green Buildings from an Islamic and Architectural Identity Perspective in the Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC) Headquarters. He also explained how the architecture in ancient Islamic cities was economical and environment friendly in respect to the teachings of Islam. Kaaba, the first building chosen by Ibrahim (AS) was reflecting the simplicity of Islamic architecture. Al Madina the first Islamic city is also a finest example," he further said. Jaidah, also explained that cities such as Quds, Damascus, Cairo and Istanbul were built economically in the ancient days to fit the environment, along with the traditions Doha was not an exception to the uniformed architecture of the ancient cities, he clarified. Dr Saleh A Mubarak, Head of Civil and Architectural Engineering Department, Qatar University provided an insight of green buildings speaking to an audience including Muslims and non-Muslims, Arabs and other nationalities .Architect Farid Esmaeil, the Founding Partner of Dubai X Architects and award winner of 'Xeritown" project addressed the topic from a broader perspective and impart the cultural perspectives behind sustainable development and their application in current times. Separately in a statement Eng Issa Al Mohannadi, Chairman, QGBC said: "We are very pleased by the level of interest shown in the number of people interested in attending this event, as such discussions are significant in highlighting the cultural and architectural aspects that impact Qatar's Green Building orientation. The topic is dear to all of us as it addresses vital concerns and aims to align the effort to maintain Qatar Architectural and Cultural identity. Being part of the series of awareness and educational events by QGBC, the event was offered to all with priority to QGBC members - one of the many advantages of the council membership. Since the launch of QGBC membership, less than three months ago, more than 90 (companies and individuals) have become members, indicative of the shift of the building industry toward greener buildings and support in QGBC's drive to advancing sustainable environment development . The embership to the council aligns the interest of both the public and professionals in raising the awareness on greener practices and includes several advantages for the members .

Source: Peninsula

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